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Better Georgia


Once Again Lead The South.

Better Georgia is the state’s fastest growing progressive advocacy organization. We are here to make sure our elected officials listen to Georgia families and the people who work hard each day. We fight to make sure elected officials pass sensible laws and policies that benefit everyone, not just corporations and the political elite.

Want Storng Communities And Schools

Better Georgia is ready for our state to once again lead the South. We want strong communities and schools. We want quality jobs and a culture that attracts the best businesses.

Change Our State

The debate in Georgia has been between the right and the far right for too long. Better Georgia is working to change the debate and change our state. With your help, Georgia will be better than ever and you may join for free.

For more information please download the following web page:

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Junior State America

About JSA

On high school campuses across the country, there are students concerned with what is happening around them – students who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law and education. The Junior State of America (JSA) was created by and for these young people. Since its founding in 1934, more than 500,000 student members have become active, informed citizens through JSA.

Read Our Mission Statement

What makes JSA so unique is that students organize every aspect of the organization, from the chapter level all the way to state and national administration. Our student leaders, elected by their fellow JSA members, plan and execute all of the conventions, conferences and political-awareness events held by JSA.

Exchange Of Ideas

JSA allows for an exchange of ideas through stimulating student debates, thought talks, problem solving and a variety of simulations. By participating in these activities, each member gains a more intelligent and informed viewpoint. JSA also provides a wonderful chance to meet and make friends with scores of other bright, involved students who have similar interests. It’s an experience that no young person would want to miss.

Organized At Local Chapter Level

JSA is a national organization organized at the local chapter level. These chapters collectively form regions which coordinate communication with chapters and run regional events annually. The regions form states which run three large overnight conventions a year, and the national level of general program operations.

Help Spread The Word

You can help spread the word about JSA by using the resources and tools provided on this site. The information in this section about JSA chapters and events, our videos about JSA Summer School, blogs by representatives of JSA states and the new-photo galleries can all contribute to giving prospective members a better understanding of what JSA is all about. See the section on how to start a chapter to bring JSA to your school at the following webpage:

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