Common Core Facts

Standards Are State Efforts

According to information posted on their web page: affirms that Common Core State Standards are an effort to establish clear, world-class educational standards for English language arts and mathematics that states can voluntarily adopt.

Promote Critical Thinking

These standards promote critical thinking and applying knowledge – not rote memorization. They are designed to eliminate over-testing, and they will level the testing playing field among states.

Policymakers Choose Participation

It’s up to the state-level policymakers to either join or withdraw from participation in Common Core.

Standards Are Superior

Common Core State Standards are superior to standards currently in use in 39 states in math and 37 states in English.

Not Prepared For College

According to the ACT , 3/4 of students entering college “were not adequately prepared academically” for college courses.

Reading Proficiency Standards

Many states had “reading proficiency standards that would qualify their students as functionally illiterate by international standards.”

Define The Needs Of Students

Common Core State Standards “define what students need to know; they do not define what teachers should teach.”

Get Involved And How You Can Help

The quality of public education should be evaluated from the primary vantage point of the academic achievement of students. Are they learning more? Are more graduating from high school and are they better prepared for the next step in life? And so we ask you to help us support education reform, and continue this progress.

Act Now

Sign up and encourage your neighbors, community leaders, and lawmakers to commit to preparing our children for the challenges ahead.

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