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We Love To Garden

We love kids, and we love to garden. On that – excuse the expression – common ground, we’ve organized . It’s for growing sprouts, and the ones who love to teach them with
the endless lessons of a garden!

Lesson Plans

If you subscribe, you will receive one youth gardening lesson plan per week via email. Of course, you can come to this website any time and get other ideas. Whatever it takes to get kids gardening, we’re all for! And it’s all free.

The Purpose

The purpose is to serve the organizers of youth gardens associated with schools, after-school programs, youth-serving organizations, neighborhood associations, churches, ministries, community gardens – anywhere there are children and youth interested in gardening, and at least one gardener willing to lead.

For more information please download the following webpage:

Woody Woodchuck
“Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog”

Prairie Dogs Join Kids Garden Club

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