Local Government

The Burrow Is Like Local Government

Marmots mate soon after hibernation. Gestation last about a month and a litter of four or five is born in a nest within the burrow. Usually, my family considers the burrow as its own local government and neighborhood. In such cases the burrow has either limited powers delegated to it or no powers at all.

Community Volunteer

Imagine that most groundhog burrows have Community Volunteer Committees that help woodchuck planners identify needs for change in the burrows. Often there are needs for change in land-use that will better address current problems or attract new residential users. Features like sidewalks, school buildings, trees and new tunnel zoning defines the perimeter of the places where groundhogs live.

Cordially,                                                                                                                         Woody Woodchuck                                                                                                       “Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog” 

                    Imagine The “Prairie Dog Cousin” To The Groundhog Is                          A Community Volunteer