Grandma And Grandpa


For Grandma & Grandpa

One of Del Siegle’s ideas, a presenter at a Montana AGATE
04/15/2013 conference was to have kids create eBooks which
can be sent (via email) to their Grandma and Grandpa. Now
you’ve got a “real audience” that will motivate the kids
to do their best work.

Different Styles

Websites, eBooks & apps come in different styles that work
for various ages: the young ones, some let them color
pictures, while slightly older ones can write the words to
narrate books that already have pictures.

Different Formats And Apps

Some are formatted to allow students to insert their own
photos or digital art or text and the oldest kids may prefer
free-form ebooks to unleash their creativity. Del’s website
includes his presentations, which lists many different apps

Books In Target Language

Foreign language teachers: your students can create
children’s books in their target language. Where can you
find an audience? Is there an international school in your
area where the young ones have to learn a foreign language?

More Information

For more information just “click” on the following link
listed below, then “conference handouts”, then “eBooks”.

Woody Woodchuck
“Word of wisdom from the Prairie Dog”

     Prairie Dog Watches eBooks Creations 

For Grandma And Grandpa

grandmaSingle woodchuck looking out from hole