My name is Woodley O. Butler, Jr. For those of you who do not know me, I am a retired California Elementary Public School Teacher from Laguna Woods Village, the premier Southern California community for independent, resort – style living people 55 and older.

Moved To The State of Georgia

Last year, in June of 2013, my wife and I moved “lock stock and barrel” to Cobb County, Acworth, Georgia, where I am now known as the Retired Senior Citizen, and  WWII 8th Air Force – Hell’s Angels – B17 (H) Flying Fortress ” Purple Heart – Air Medal – Distinguished Flying Cross” – recipient living with Family at what I call The Butler Family Gardens.

New Domain Name

In December, of this past year, I purchased from Go Daddy the domain name WoodyWoodchuck.com, and began developing my own website: The Life and Times of Woody Woodchuck – “Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog”.

Mission Was Two Fold

My mission was two fold: Fostering Effective Character Education and Building Successful Communities.  All shared information and resource materials feature these issues of concerns that are designed specifically for: educators, teachers, parents, grandparents, students, and individual Internet access users who focus on those concepts.

Grandparents Migrated

According to legend, the grandparents of Woody Woodchuck – “the Prairie Dog”,  originated in the United States from a Delaware Indian campsite known as Punxsutawney, meaning “town of the sandflies”.  The region was located in North America halfway between the Allegheny and Susquehanna Rivers, Northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Written From A Unique Perspective  

Please note. All written “Words of wisdom”, resource materials, and shared information are expressed from the unique perspective of: the “Prairie Dog”, a cousin of Woody Woodchuck the Groundhog, born in a burrow on a Hill County, Texas, black land farm, during the Great Depression.

Woody Woodchuck
“Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog”                                                                                                                           

       Retired “Prairie Dog Cousin” To The Groundhog


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