Grants To Cities And Tribal Communities

As part of Attorney General Holder’s Defending Childhood Initiative, grants to eight cities and tribal communities have been awarded. These grants are aimed at developing strategic plans for comprehensive, community-based anti-violence efforts, including anti-bullying programs. In Boston, Massachusetts, for example, they’re supporting work to implement state-wide school bullying intervention and prevention legislation. In Grand Forks, North Dakota, they’re funding efforts to expand restorative justice services for youth involved with bullying. And in Portland, Maine, they’re helping to train teachers and other school staff in bullying prevention strategies.

A Message From Attorney General Eric Holder

Since the launch of the Defending Childhood Initiative in 2010 the Justice Department has been working with leading researchers to take an in-depth look at the problem of children exposed to violence. What they  have learned has been a wake-up call, and warning bell, for all of us. They found that the majority of our kids have been exposed to crime, abuse, and violence — many in their own homes.  And both direct and indirect exposure to violence is having a profound negative impact on the mental and emotional development of young people across the country.

Engagement With Youth Is Essential 

Local, state, and regional child-serving initiatives and agencies should be directed to involve youth as leaders, planners, problem solvers, and communicators and be given the support they need to do this. Engagement with youth is essential in order to develop effective solutions to the complex problems leading to and resulting from children’s exposure to violence

What Parents Can Do

The best way to help children is to make sure that they feel safe (for example, creating a predictable environment, encouraging them to express their feelings by listening and hearing their stories) and ensuring that they know that the violence they witnessed or experienced was not their fault.

Ways Parents Can Help

Remaining calm and reinforcing a stable and safe environment;
Keeping a regular schedule or routine for meals, quiet time, playtime, and bedtime;
Helping children prepare for changes and new experiences;
Spending more time together as a family;
Being patient and letting children identify and express feelings; and
Providing extra attention, comfort, and encouragement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

It’s a big step for your little one, but you might find the enrollment in Big Brothers Big Sisters will give them a chance to see their unlimited potential and develop into even more responsible, successful, well-rounded individuals. To get started, contact the National Office listed below:

Big Brothers Big Sisters National Office

450 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 100
Irving, TX 75062
(469) 351-3100- phone

Woody Woodchuck
“Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog

Involve Youth Prairie Dogs As Leaders