Importance Of Groundhog Volunteers

Our Burrow Improvement Committee is constantly evaluating programs and activities that will make our community a peaceful place where groundhogs can live and work together in harmony. They have many ideas about how to make that happen, but the big question is who will make that happen?

Volunteers Donate Time and Effort

Today we address the importance of groundhog volunteers that are necessary and extremely helpful for a healthy place to live.  Groundhogs from all walks of life donate their time and effort to various causes, day and night, and  every day of the year.

Burrow Community Responsibility

In a groundhog services setting, agency clients and program participants usually can’t distinguish between volunteers and paid staff, unless name tags make those designations. The more connected to a burrow community groundhogs feel, the more likely they are to take responsibility for the burrow community  to feel pride,  and a sense of commitment. Mobilizing burrow community resources and expanding capacity through groundhog volunteers also enhances an organization’s general profile, which can attract more groundhog volunteers’  especially young teens and adolescent program participants.

Roles of Groundhog Volunteers

Many groundhogs think of burrow volunteers as helpers stopping by after school or in their spare time to answer phones, organize files, or visit groundhogs who are sick or housebound.  However, without groundhog volunteers, some organizations might not exist. In fact, the burrow boards and committees of many  local groundhog agencies consist entirely of groundhog volunteers and that is why programs for groundhog teens and adolescents are so important. Groundhog youth-serving organizations represent the largest single groundhog development program.

Programs Offered By National Organizations

Programs include: 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, YWCA, Girls Incorporated, Camp Fire, Big Brother/Big Sisters, Kid Gardening, and Junior Achievement.  These are just some of the programs offered by the National groundhog youth-serving organizations that promote social values, and building of life skills such as: leadership, problem solving, and decision making.

Woody Woodchuck
“Words of wisdom from the Prairie Dog”

          Groundhog Youth-serving Organizations
Promote Social Values